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Dental Crowns in West Hills

Treat your damaged and decayed teeth. Dental crowns cover your teeth with a natural-looking cap.
Replace extensive damage to your teeth with a stronger alternative. Crowns strengthen the tooth structure better than a dental filling and can hold your dental bridge in place.
Cover and improve the appearance of misshapen or discolored teeth. Crowns are an appealing cosmetic alternative.

Understanding Dental Crowns

Many crowns are prefabricated and custom-designed in a selected dental lab. Prefabricated crowns are made of plastic or stainless steel and provide a temporary restoration while your permanent crown is being customized for you.
Traditionally, metal, porcelain fused to metal (PFM), and ceramic materials are used in the design of our crowns. Metals used include gold alloy, alloys such as palladium, or a base-metal alloy (nickel or chromium).
All-metal or PFM crowns are sometimes indicated. In many cases, where space is limited, this type of crown is a better choice for your back teeth.
Ceramic crowns are an attractive crown option. Each is designed to look like your natural teeth.
Now you have the option of metal free cosmetic crowns.

  • They provide a beautiful cosmetic appearance.
  • They are more “friendly” to your gums.
  • No “dark line” where your tooth and gum meet.
  • Smile confidently without feeling self-conscious.

Crowns are an excellent investment in your oral health. Many can last 7 years or longer and some up to 40 years.

Preparing for Your Crown

Often a crown requires advance treatment. Sometimes, endodontic or root canal therapy prepares the tooth and treats extensive decay, infection, or injury to the nerve of the tooth.
But not everyone who needs a crown requires a root canal.
A dental build-up is sometimes necessary. This treatment builds a supportive foundation for the crown.
Large areas of decay, damage, or missing natural tooth structure require build-up. Crowns that follow a root canal are prepped with a post-and-core foundation.
We will prep (shape the tooth to receive a crown) the tooth to make room for the crown. An impression will be taken. This process takes approximately five minutes and assures that the crown provides you a proper bite.
You will receive a temporary crown while your permanent one is being prepared at our selected lab. This protects your tooth and surrounding structure from damage and allows your new crown to seat precisely.
It’s important to understand that a temporary crown isn’t designed to be a permanent fix. You could experience further decay if the temporary remains in your mouth for an extended period.
We will remove the temporary crown at a second visit to our office. The permanent crown will then be tested on your tooth.
Once the crown in position and before it’s permanently seated, we will assure that you’re pleased with the color and how your teeth bite together. When you’re satisfied, your new permanent crown will be fixed in place.

What to Expect From Your New Crown

  • A comfortable and natural fit. Some adjustment to hot/cold sensitivity will occur. Contact us if you experience any ongoing sensitivity when chewing or biting. This can usually be eliminated at our office.
  • Ongoing maintenance if any chipping occurs. We will make necessary repairs in our office and replace your crown if necessary.
  • Easy in-office or at-home care. If your crown is loose or falls out, contact our office. You can temporarily replace the crown with denture adhesive or temporary dental cement until you can visit our office.

8300 Valley Circle, Suite B, West Hills, CA 91304. Convenient Appointments Before & After Work (818) 452-0038