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Cosmetic Dentistry in West Hills

At Medical Center Dental care, our highly trained and experienced team of professionals is standing by to meet your every dental need. Our offices are a top choice for anyone seeking quality and affordable cosmetic dentistry in West Hills for the whole family. Our world class procedures will help you achieve the full, bright, and vibrant smile that you've always wanted with a full range of top of the line options designed to accommodate any patient. As a top west hills cosmetic dentist, we're dedicated toward protecting and improving your teeth to ensure anyone who seeks our services will never have to experience embarrassment due to missing or damaged teeth again.

Commitment to Patient Care

At Medical Center Dental Care, we believe that patient comfort should come first for anyone in need of the services of a quality West Hills Cosmetic Dentist. Our team get to know each and every patient in order to form a strong bond to and ensure that anyone seeking our services will feel like a person and not another number on a chart. Our warm environment and friendly gentle treatment helps instill confidence within our patients and alleviate any lingering dental anxieties.

Our team also believes that excellent care from a cosmetic dentist Woodland Hills and beyond should be within the price range of anyone which is why we also provide free, no cost treatment for most new and insured returning patients. To help your smiles shine bright we also provide free whitening for anyone who qualifies. Also, our preventative care is free for most insured patients. Affordable care is a center stone of our operation, and even insured patients are able to take advantage of our convenient payment options so that they may also take enjoy outstanding cosmetic dentistry in Woodland Hills.


Medical Center Dental Care specializes in veneers which are thin layers of restorative materials placed on the surface of the teeth that both renew and revitalize. Often compared to false fingernails, they create a stunning, natural looking smile. Veneers can address a range of dental issues to improve the shape, symmetry, and color of your teeth. Misaligned, aged, or crooked teeth, gum recession issues, tooth gaps, and discolored, fractured, or damaged teeth are all issues that veneers can address and resolves which is why they're a popular option for patients seeking cosmetic dentistry in West Hills.


As a type of dental veneer, Lumineers offer advantages over traditional veneers. Patients seeking Lumineers who qualify are not required to receive dental shots and their teeth are also not drilled. Instead, the ultra-thin Lumineers are placed on the existing teeth, and are also reversible.

Additional Services

Our expert dental team provides additional cosmetic options to meet your needs including dental crowning, composite resin bonding, and dental contouring. Medical Center Dental Care is also a West Hlls Orthodontist, and we provide full orthodontic services for anyone who requires them. Our orthodontic specialist is a leader in the field who offers free, (no out of pocket cost) orthodontic consultation for both children and adults.

To bring out your very best, glistening smile from a trusted Woodland hills cosmetic dentist call us today at (818) 452-0038 to make your appointment.

8300 Valley Circle, Suite B, West Hills, CA 91304. Convenient Appointments Before & After Work (818) 452-0038