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HMO Dental Insurance – Medical Center Dental Care West Hills CA

At Medical Center Dental Care West Hills, your dental insurance is accepted and welcomed at our office.

What is an HMO dental insurance plan?

HMO means "Health Maintenance Organization." HMO dental plans offer a wide range of dental services through a network of dentist office providers who agree to supply services to members.

PLEASE CALL OUR OFFICE at 818-254-8296, to check whether we are providers as we accept and can work with a very large number of dental plans.

The premiums you pay for an HMO dental plan are typically lower than other dental insurance plans. The way your dental HMO plan works is, you typically have most of your preventive dental services, like dental exams, x rays and cleanings covered at 100%, (i.e. no out of pocket cost to you), but more advanced services, like crowns, bridges and dentures, are NOT COVERED IN THE TRADITIONAL WAY, that you may think.

How does a dental HMO plan work?

As a member of an dental HMO, you'll be required to choose a dental office as your primary care provider for your basic dental needs. Your primary care dental office will take care of most of your dental needs. Before you can see a specialist, you'll need to obtain a referral from your dental office.

At Medical Center Dental Care West Hills, we have specialists available in our office to take care of you. We have Endodontists, (to take care of complex root canals), Oral Surgeons, to take care of complex extractions, Orthodontists ( braces to straighten your teeth).

An dental HMO plan may be right for you if:

  • You need a dental plan with lower monthly premiums
  • You want a plan without a deductible and don't mind having to pay for more advanced dental services without any other insurance reimbursement to help with costs of dental treatment.
  • You need preventive care services such as coverage for dental exams and x rays, but not much advanced dental care.



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